Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ladies, please respond!...

for no good reason, i just feel like i wanna post this question to all the ladies or girls out there., and please respond...

"What women actually look for in a relationship?"


  1. my opinion,
    honesty which mean don't play wif girls' heart n basically,they want that someone special 2 appreciate them. Next is,when they show their love by saying those 3 words, do reply coz don't expect girls know what inside your heart.N trust them but of course not hundred percent... =P

  2. but was that suppose to mean saying those "3 words" really necessary?

  3. hey...
    well,a girl shud be treated the way they shud,
    and yes, that 3 words is very2 important.
    but i really think guys shud give a girl the attention and the spaces she needed. most important be yourself, have a life, and loyal..hehe..a girl lyk me prefers that way..

  4. thanks esther.. that really helps

  5. boooooo....like u ever care daaa
    hahaha..let down a bit of ur ego.
    it shuld be ok den after dat

  6. gosh...am i that ego?, though i have to admit im am sometimes but i think i can tolerate my EGOMANIAC sort of things when it comes to ladies...

  7. and btw my dear nur hazwani, fyi, of coz i care...

  8. hahaha...did u?
    haha.u can cheat others but not me!!
    u said u care but actually u didnt
    dats y!!
    u pretend 2 look like u ever care but it is not da way it shuld be
    just be urself

  9. hahaha..hell u!!think wats wrong wif u!!
    hahahaha..dats y u keep beinG SINGLE until todaY

  10. what is so wrong being single???

  11. ==|||
    ni men...hen hao xiao...

  12. whoaaa...
    whats i've been missing so far?!!!
    ok..bout the Q..
    actually..there are many types of women out there..and ofcourse..each of them had different kind of things playing up on their minds..some of them maybe juz wants to play around? some, longing for touch?? and there are some that juz trying out new things!! a venture i guess? -- especially those whose in 1st love drama..

    however, here's my opinion..a personal opinion..juz to share in this..uhm..discussion?? Generally, women wants to be accompany with..thats also why a relationship exist!!..so..connection really plays a big role.. ^___^

  13. a far to long but the topic catch my eye. girls need the feeling of safe when their next to u,though it means shows ur responsibility,cares n be urself. its hard to either to the girl or urself to ignoringur true identity. " accept me as who i am"


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