Tuesday, December 1, 2009

not so rich guy went broke...

instead of spending, how to generate them?....well well well Mr. Money, im talking about you!

im so broke rite now....to the extend that i have to ask money from my parents (and my sisters) before going out...hahaaa.. as usual, no allowance deposited directly into my account during holidays...(consider that one of the reasons i hate holidays)~sigh....

i am considering of doing these for extra $$$;
  • Garage sale maybe (cloth, books, magazines)
  • home tuition (hourly rate)
  • recycles (newspapers, cans, bottles)
  • babysitting (hourly rate as well)
  • car wash service (for family+neighbors)

so what ya'll think??? any other suggestions are mostly welcome and hope to hear from you soon...

p/s: going to attend mini gathering this coming Wednesday and i need quite a lot amount of $...lol

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