Wednesday, April 15, 2009

friends...are they real???

i wish i could have friends, whom i can talk to and share most of my problems with; anytime, anyhow and anywhere... a friend who shares not only good moments but also be there when you're down or when you're in trouble... somehow i feel like those friends that im having right now are not real, i.e, only need me whenever they feel like they need me..and when they don't, disappear just like that..sigh,,,
i tried to be as positive as i could by saying maybe they are busy or somehow having their own problems. and i asked myself at the same time whether i did something wrong to them???

the end


  1. the person who eats the chili who feels the hot...WTF?!! hahaaaa

  2. hahahaha..hell u!da probs relys on u.whos da hell didnt tell me if he got probs??like i don cre n if im askin n da ans is im gud!!hahaha...comeon fren..think of it

  3. maybe u jst haven't find the right friend... yea there are true/good friends out there.. hope dat u'll find one soon.. & if u do, do cherish the friendship! =)

  4. ni hen lonely?..knp mei you zhao wo de? wo liao o? ni feel not good or anything..lai zhao wo la..wo always ready for u..hehe..wo men shi hao peng you bu yao lupak wo o..klu tidak..nnt wo ci miri knock ni de tou aaaa...lalalalalala..kaka..^^

  5. fine now guys..kinda stress and emotional lately...

  6. don think too much..thats the only think i can tell u.. to find me if u want..i will always be there for u..^^
    sure thing shi wo de hao peng you le..hehe..

  7. SalihinSaat said... fine now guys..kinda stress and emotional lately...

    --> there u go..that should be in April..and now is June..we are trying to contact u..several times..and we fail.

    phone call..sms..even in fb..u didn't even bother to reply..if u r hvng problems, do tell us,if there's sumthing ur not satisfied with..tell us too..

    Its been quite a while ok? how long we r going to be like dis?

  8. huh...we r da one suppose to say r frens real??
    pliss la..dont act like immatured people.we r 21 now ok

    if we do hurt u o sumting dat make u feel like we r annoying u,just say so..
    we r totally sowi..
    but den,u just kick us from ur life like we do not kno each other
    frens r forever dat sentence we kept no matter wat happen
    but den???

    we try 2 kontek u,but u just ignboring us.y?
    in miri but keep silent
    u r still my besfren no matter wat
    3 of us miss our moment together
    so now,its up to u...
    we try our best to keep dis frenship till da end of da day,n hope u appreciate dis..
    so take ur time


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