Thursday, April 30, 2009

Idiot Facebook

My Facebook account has been disabled by the stupid asshole system!!! just found out about it this morning as i was having some trouble signing in for the account... at first i thought the problem came from the internet connection but unfortunately it's not...for those who'b been in this very situation before, please respond and somebody, please tell me how i can get my fb account back without singing up new account???

p/s: prefer fs and myspace instead!!! fb is real shit!!!


  1. try check dr mail yg ktk guna utk sign in ya.
    i mean.. cam mun lupak password ka apa, kan ada verification URL pa suma ya.
    coba la lok. ngkah forgot password ya.
    ne tauk ada org hack ktk ka, tuka password bla bla bla.
    dlk kmk cmya juak.

  2. o really??? thanks for tsharing.. one more thing, how u do dat 'TM' thing at the end of your name????

  3. my FS n MS pun jarang update....

    cuma aktiv skit tagged jer....


    anyway, thanx coz follow my blog...

    (bgus ler dh ada plan nk kawin...hehe)

  4. haha... kita hanya merancang, tuhan yg

  5. owh psal pkara ada jg trbaca psal probs yg sma ngan ko ni. ya la sa pun stuju ko cek dr emel. then klo ko pnya fb kne spam ke ape ke yg plik2 trjadi...cpat2 tkar password fb jd psword emel. klu x tkar nti ada org leh akses privacy ko...1 more thing...klu dah hbis gna fb jgn lpa sign out coz org len ble kasi spam kt ko pnya fb even kt laptop sdiri...ingat tau...

  6. o yka??? i used to close mcm tu je after im done with my fb...haha...leceh la nak sign out sign out...hahaa

  7. ==|||
    fb you begitu byk problem de meh?wo belum sign wo bu zhi dao la..haha..

  8. mmg la leceh tp itu sbg safety la katakn...

  9. you better think twice before signing up for fb...or u'll end up like me...hahaaaa


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