Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'Pay back' time!!!

After 3 weeks of struggles and burning the midnight oil, exam is officially over and it's time to pay back whatever things that i missed for the past 3 weeks....hmmmm, let me list down some of them

  • movies
  • shisha with my beloved 'S-Gang'
  • Yum-cha all night long (till we break the dawn)
  • Pool
  • Parties
  • etc.
It's pay back time and guess what? i'm gonna do all that 2-nite!!! Homies, please get ready yourself cause it's gonna be a long-good night!!! yes, it will!


  1. hepi holiday deng!!mst da puas dating mlm td nih...hehehe

  2. haha...blm aG

    just about to start mlm ni

  3. hahaha...otey, slamat berhibur...=)
    salihin, jd follower kak ira!!cc xde blog ke?nas ke?

  4. xtau plak diorg...
    ok, t sy g blog kak ira


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