Thursday, November 19, 2009


ANTM cycle 13 has now come to an end where we already know the winner, Nicole! but im not gonna talk about her this time since i found something more fun and interesting in ANTM this season (apart from the petite models)

in one of the episodes, Tyra came out and dressed up in a superhero costume as 'Super Smize'!!! and hey, i was introduced to a new word by Tyra that is 'Smize'

for those of you who didn't quite familiar with the word, 'Smize' stands for 'Smiling with your eyes' and guess what? tyra pretty much wants it on Urban Dictionary... here some brief tips on how to smize...

first, keep your shoulders down, neck up, string coming up from the top of your head, squinch, put your hand on your tummy and think of something delicious (could be a sundae or pizza maybe)... then try to smile <--that's pretty much of it there you it's up to you; Smize or No smize!
is she smize-ing???

p/s: really remind me of Oprah's shlumpadinka word

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