Monday, June 7, 2010


Its been a while now since my last post...kinda busy, as always with college and stuff...LOL!!! im please to inform that im currently doing my internship at MARDI, Selangor...well, MARDI stands for Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute...haha, where i work with a bunch of people, who dedicates their lives to research and's really fun to get to know them, and work with them + learn from them...another one month to go and i really want to learn as much as i could and try more new thing each days...

Biotechnology Research Centre, MARDI

p/s: miss my home so much!!!


  1. i tgh cari tmpt utk intership gak ni..ok x klu kat mARDI tu?? skrg ni i join program biotech entrepreneurship special training....kena cri tmpt praktikal ni...huhu

  2. oh, cool...
    mardi mmg ok...sbb dia cmpletely expose studnt dgn lab work i.e yg btul2 molecular stuff...bley apply


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