Saturday, June 19, 2010

so-called EXCLUSIVE world cup telecasts!!!

Football lovers/non-ASTRO subscribers, i know exactly how ya'll feelin'...and how much we rely on RTM for World Cup...

Okay, this is wad happened to me (which i believe happen to most of us); slept as early as 10 pm, set the alarm at 1.30, (hope to watch my favorite team playing), woke up, tuned the channel into TV1, wait up till 2.30 in the morning, and wad actually appeared on the screen was an old stupid lame malay drama...pathetic rite? and this happened like 2-3 times!!!

Alrighty, worry no more. I hope this will help. The following is the full list of the exact dates, times and channels for RTM's 24 'live' and 11 'delayed' telecasts of World Cup 2010, in chronological order.

1. Opening match of hosts South Africa vs Mexico ('live', June 11, 9pm, TV1)
2. Argentina vs Nigeria ('live', June 12, 9.30pm, TV1)
3. England vs USA ('live', June 13, 2am, TV1)
4. Germany vs Australia ('live', June 14, 2am, TV1)
5. Brazil vs North Korea ('delayed', June 16, 4.30am, TV1)
6. Honduras vs Chile ('live', June 16, 7pm,TV2)
7. France vs Mexico ('delayed', June 18, 4.30am, TV1)
8. England vs Algeria ('delayed', June 19, 3am, TV1)
9. Ghana vs Australia ('live', June 19, 9.30pm,TV1)
10. Holland vs Japan ('delayed', June 19, midnight, TV1)
11. Slovakia vs Paraguay ('live', June 20, 7pm, TV2)
12. Italy vs New Zealand ('live', June 20, 9.30pm, TV1)
13. Brazil vs Ivory Coast ('live', June 21, 2am, TV1)
14. Portugal vs North Korea ('live', June 21, 7pm, TV2)
15. Nigeria vs South Korea ('live', June 23, 2am, TV1)
16. USA vs Algeria ('live', June 23, 9.30pm, TV1)
17. Ghana vs Germany ('delayed', June 24, 4.30am, TV1)
18. Cameroon vs Holland ('live', June 25, 2am, TV1)
19. Chile vs Spain ('live', June 26, 2am, TV1)
20. Group A winner vs Group B runner-up ('live', June 26, 9.30pm, TV1)
21. Group C winner vs Group D runner-up ('delayed', June 27, 4.30am, TV1)
22. Group D winner vs Group C runner-up ('delayed', June 27, midnight, TV1)
23. Group B winner vs Group A runner-up ('live', June 28, 2am, TV1)
24. Group E winner vs Group F runner-up ('live', June 28, 9.30pm, TV1)
25. Group G winner vs Group H runner-up ('delayed', June 29, 4.30am, TV1)
26. Group F winner vs Group E runner-up ('delayed', June 29, midnight, TV1)
27. Group H winner vs Group G runner-up ('live', June 30, 2am, TV1)
28. Quarter-Final ('delayed', July 2, midnight, TV1)
29. Quarter-Final ('live', July 3, 2am, TV1)
30. Quarter-Final ('live', July 3, 9.30pm, TV2)
31. Quarter-Final ('delayed', July 4, 4.30am, TV1)
32. Semi-Final ('live', July 7, 2am, TV1)
33. Semi-Final ('live', July 8, 2am, TV1)
34. 3rd Placing ('live', July 11, 2am, TV1)
35. Final ('live', July 12, 1.30am, TV1)

p/s: 4 of these 35 matches are over TV2


  1. yea i understand .. dats y i slalu go to mcd to watch .. but my dad finally subscribed supersports :D thanks, pakcik!

  2. coool!!! me here suffering since there's no astro plus the tv sgt2 la canggih...LOL! poor UPM!!!



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