Monday, August 15, 2011

Iftar @Dr. Zahara's place!

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah and thank you so much Dr Zaharah aka Mama Zaza & family for such a wonderful iftar yesterday! I have to say, the food was superbly amazingly delicious! hahaaaa...and the Laksa is truly your specialty mama! (bodek sikit) lol...and to my beloved CHC family, u guys ROCK!!! i love y'all so much and im so gonna miss u all...To the rest of the crew; Ezral, Kak Chaca, Abg Long, Fara, Robert, Halfi, Ee, Doublin, Kak Nurin, Moses, Chris, and Faiz, how i wish u all were here! Anyway, dont worry! we still have October to kill! lol. inshaAllah...

So here are some of the great moments that we had yesterday...enjoy it!

From Mama Zaza's kitchen except Emma's 'sambal cili' lol. (spaghetti, pie, laksa, and dessert were not in the picture)

Makan time!

And yes, not to forget, thank you Miss Fauziah for the food as well...(Ms yang rugged dgn motosikal nya) lol.

it took her nearly 15 mins to start the engine! lol

p/s: terima kasih daun keladi...he he he

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